Unit 2- Innovation in the classroom.

As I stated in my profile, I teach English to teenagers. Last year we took a course in our high school which dealt with PBL and I realized teachers should do things differently in our classrooms. I started working together with colleagues from different areas and some of us are still learning to work that way and engaging our students into collaborative tasks in order to motivate them when learning the different subjects.

I am aware that this is a hard job and I know I have lots of things to improve. For that reason, I would like to learn more about gamification and working with other areas (cross-curricular tasks/projects), but most of all, I would like to start a collaborative project together with different foreign countries/schools so that my students feel more motivated to use the English language.

Regarding best learning/teaching practices, I have found a project and app which could help to improve my lessons. The first one is a project called "etwinauts in (in)visible cities" and focuses on one of the aspects I would like to learn more about: cross-curricular tasks, as it involves subjects such as art, maths, history, English language, etc. The second one is an app called "Edmodo" which introduces gamification in the lessons, as students win badges. It is also an online platform in which teachers and students can share comments, images, videos, make quizzes, send private or public messages, etc.

Here you are a video of the project:


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